Femininity Injection – Course



The proprietary method “Injection of Femininity” was created for women who want a visible effect of modeling their lips after they have healed. It is based on Russian methods, thanks to which we will achieve the effect of maximum lip extension. It is characterized by a strong outline of the cupid’s bow on the upper lip and “opening” of the lower lip. The final effect after the treatment is quite strong, but thanks to this, after the swelling has come off and healed, they are full and well-defined. During my online training you will learn:

  1. How to draw a cupid’s bow without straining the outline of the lips
  2. Which points on the labial red should be pierced with a needle and to what depth
  3. How to work with a needle in a tissue and how much preparation should be administered to a given place

And much much more!

The video also shows the lips after healing after 3 weeks. Amazing effect – check it out for yourself!


Below is a short trailer of what is available in the full course.


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